Games that I have contributed to, that can all be played through my page.


For Game Design Studio 1, this is a recreation of the 1983 Atari 2600 game M*A*S*H made by myself in one week. We were tasked with not only recreating the original game, but coming up with a fun twist. This game utilizes an infinite level system to provide a more enticing gameplay experience.

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Nothing Shady at THIS BBQ!

This action game was created in four days for the UTS Playmakers Summertime Game Jam 2024. I contributed through creating the tutorial, food system, and menus.

The game achieved 2nd place.

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Smoothie Maker Pro

A frantic puzzle game created in 48 hours for the Pixel Pasture Invitational Game Jam 2024. I contributed with ensuring positive user experience.

The game achieved 3rd overall place, with the highest public voting.

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Tank Blitz

Created for the BIGMODE Game Jam 2023, and was Team Stingray's first full project in Godot.

This game garnered positive user feedback, with players praising the leaderboard system and ease of use.

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Starship Scramble

This game was created by myself and other members of Team Stingray for the Game Design Methodologies subject, where it was presented at the UTS Student Games Showcase 2023.

Starship Scramble also appeared at the SXSW Sydney Games Festival Main Showcase, where it was presented over the course of three days.

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Book Nooks

This game was created as a personal summer project to become more familiar with the Unity Engine. It has a fun, arcade-y gameplay style. 

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Jetski Joyride

This game was created for the 48 hour UTS Playmakers Summertime game Jam 2022. I was responsible for menus and difficulty curve.

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Interactive Projects

In addition to published games, I have experimented with creating software for different platforms, including three.js and the Unreal Engine

Group Project - GeneRACE!

This projected demonstrated Unreal Engine knowledge taught in Advanced Games Programming, including C++ programming and multiplayer implementation.

For this project, I implemented the procedurally generated race track and the visual aspects of the game.

Group Project - Doodle Jump

This was a group project, and demonstrates all content taught in the subject Introduction to Computer Graphics.

A demonstration video is provided.

Fragment Shader TV

This project demonstrates model loading and custom fragment shaders effects in three.js. It received full marks.

You can view the website it is hosted on, or view the provided video!

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There are a few other projects that could not be filed under the earlier categories

My Website

The website you are currently viewing has been created entirely by myself, using the Bootstrap 5 library. It has been carefully crafted to adhere to both computer and mobile screens.

Provided is a screenshot of the development process of the main page.